There is a duplicate swimmer




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    Rodrigo Lopez Lopez (Rodrigo)

    Good afternoon

    I just realized that I have two users.

    Samuel Rodrigo Lopez Lopez :  

    Rodrigo López López: (it’s CORRECT) Here are my full details.

    Please support me in correcting them

    I’m attentive to your update.


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    Rodrigo Lopez Lopez (Rodrigo)

    I have not received an answer from you! Could you please update my information!

    I just realized that u have two users:

    Samuel Rodrigo Lopez Lopez

    Rodrigo Lopez Lopez (Its CORRECT) here are my full deatils:

    Please support me in  correcting them

    I'm attentive to your update





















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    Elizabeth H Brock (Lizzie)

    Elizabeth Brock is a duplicate swimmer - her high school has her listed under 1111784 while her own club team account is 1132629. She is managing account 1132629. Can you please "merge them?" Thanks!

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